I am totally hooked! Up until I met Zahid, who is now my cherished personal IT expert (I do not use the word ‘cherish’ lightly)…I classed myself as a technophobe; I know the limited basics of what I need to know and once I feel comfortable with what little I know, I remain highly fearful and mistrustful of any other possible technical opportunities. Too overwhelming.

Since meeting Zahid, things have changed dramatically; I feel empowered. He has given me the opportunity to ask questions that I would have been too ashamed to ask, I felt he genuinely enjoyed working out how to get around giving me what I needed. I felt his happiness at seeing my pleasure at mastering things he had just taught me. He was open to having to explain things to me in different ways until I got it.

This may sound effusive, but I am a person of the heart, not of the hard-drive. The combination of Zahid’s expertise in IT and his authentic desire to help is priceless to me. I now feel like I have some one I can turn to however big or small my IT concerns and instead of hiding my ignorance in shame and hoping that it will go away, I feel excited to find out with help and support of Zahid. In addition, restored faith, that in such a modern arena, ‘Computer Palm’ has at it’s heart a sincere old fashioned desire to help people. I only wish I’d gone to them for help sooner.

When I moved to London I had a few false starts with a couple of IT guys. Then to my good fortune I came across Computer Palm.

Setting up and running my own business has challenged my computer knowledge and skills. Ash has proven himself in the most challenging of situations, over and over again. I’ve had on site support as well as “team viewer” support. He is fully trustworthy and super sharp. There has been times where I’ve required specific IT support and if the situation hasn’t been familiar to Ash, he has researched and discussed with his peers and they have found solutions to my problems within a very short time frame. Problems solved! Which is always such a relief!

Computer Palm has also helped build and maintains my website. Makes charts and spreadsheets. Up grades and maintains all my devices.

Ash and the team are reliable, efficient, trustworthy with private and sensitive information. And, are really reasonably priced and fair with billings.

I highly recommend Computer Palm for all your IT needs.

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I have already recommended Computer Palm to a number of my friends. They made it all so easy when I asked them to help create my website and always went the extra mile.

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