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Social Media Strategy

From £30 per month

Get help with growing your social media and online presence from our Digital Marketing experts.

Social media can amplify brand awareness, increase website traffic, attract new potential customers, build customer or prospect engagement, and take your digital marketing efforts to a whole new level.

At Computer Palm, we wont just work with you on creating a stunning website but we will give you the whole package. We have a dedicated team to work on social media strategy. In the 21st century social media is key for any-one or business to keep up with trends.

Social Media Targeting

The number one step we will do with you is to find out your social media target audience. This will enable us to create a strategy which is effective going towards the right audience. Then comes choosing which social platforms are best for you ro your business. There is nothing more effective then actually selecting the right social networks. This will save you time and money in the long run by reaching the exact targeted audience.

Social Media Content

Next step will be to create a strategy of what to and when to post across all social platforms. We emphasise on creating the RIGHT content for your audience. To do this, we need to research into your field and targeted market and understand what they would engage with most. Timing is also key, as this would make sure the audience is going to engage with the content making it most effective.

All in all, we make a strategy and plan to make your audience engage to the maximum potential which will make them love your brand. We provide our clients with high growth in genuine followers of their brand and allow them to reach new customers.

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