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Computer Training

£30 per hour

Need help getting familiar with your computer? We'll send a friendly and knowledgeable expert to you, so you can learn in a familiar environment at your own pace.

Do you wish you had more confidence when using your computer? Are you afraid to try new things in case you change or delete something important?

At Computer Palm we can have someone come right to you and give you the helping hand needed to become an expert yourself and master how to effectively use your technology. We will have someone sit beside you and guide you through every area in which you would like to learn. Making it fun and effective.

We offer computer courses for adults or seniors, whatever your level of experience. You can take a private lesson or a group lesson, any day and time. When you book, we’ll ask you to first write a list of things you’d like to learn about. We can help you with anything from from the complete basics of a computer to advanced programs.

We can help you with:

  • Computer training
  • Mac Training
  • iPad Training
  • iPhoneTraining
  • iPod Training
  • Apple Watch Training
  • Windows Training
  • Smartphone Training
  • Photography & Video software Training
  • </ul>

    Don’t let technology hold you back and learn everything you need to now with our dedicated team and support.

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