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Code Club

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Join us at one of our code clubs to learn how to create computer software and web applications.

Giving back to the community is what we love to do at Computer Palm and something we have added to a growing list of Community projects at Computer Palm is Code Club. We recognise how important it is for the younger generation to learn coding as it is a unique opportunity to develop essential skills for life in the 21st century. Coding is now in the National education curriculum, our classes provide the opportunity to develop new skills and further than options for future careers.

Code Club

The code clubs will be after school classes for children aged 6-16 to learn code. The aim of this is to help the younger generation to have a fun and exciting class where they can learn the amazing possibilities of computer programming.

The classes run in London in different locations which are suitable to travel to and are outside the school environment. Each class consists of two levels, Beginner and intermediate. The classes will be run by talented Computer Science students/graduates who are all a passionate and experience in teaching.

Our classes include a in depth curriculum developed by experienced computing teachers and external advisors. It will include the chance to create their own website, develop fun games and so much more.

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