Onsite IT Support

On site I.T Support os one of our core areas of service. We understand that whether you are a business or individual having support for your technology is a must. Our on site support service enables you to have IT support when you need it where ever you need it.

How does that work?

We have a large team of technology experts all over London, you book an appointment with us and a expert will be at your doorstep within an hour! Everyone is highly trained and skilled and they are not all geeks! Just normal, friendly people with lots of skills in fixing tech problems.

We are trained to help you with almost any technology you have, so be sure to contact us so we can give you the support needed.

Some of the most common problems:

  • Slow Macs & PC’s
  • Viruses
  • Wifi issues
  • Backing up
  • Email set up
  • Installing Software
  • Printer set up
  • Tablet support
  • Smartphone set up
  • Cloud
  • Transferring data

Further from just fixing your computer problems we do a whole lot more with on site support.

Monthly Technology Servicing

Technology can be a lot like your car, it will always needs servicing and check ups to be in supreme condition. We can give you a monthly check up on all the technology you have within your business or home. We will come in once a month at the best time and check up all of the technology you use to prevent any random problems at the wrong time and for overall efficiency making your time most productive.

Computer Tuition

Your computer can be confusing and you might not be making the most out of it. Same goes for your tablet, laptop  and smartphone. We want to help you be the boss of your tech, by teaching you anything you want to learn more about. Maybe you have a Mac but never really understood Pages that well. Or maybe you are not sure how you can get all of your picture in one place. There is so much you can and we want you to be empowered by learning all the possibilities that will enhance your life.