About Us

Computer Palm is an IT support and consultancy firm founded in 2014 which prides itself on super-personal, honest and reliable IT services. We offer IT services, support, repairs and training to individuals, small businesses and charitable organisations.

We employ a group of talented freelancers, each of which are experts in their fields, across London and the South East and are committed to hiring only the very best candidates. To work with us and become part of our professional family, freelancers must be knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, honest and friendly.

Our customers can benefit from a flexible, low-cost service bringing local technology experts to their home or place of work to solve their technology, IT and computer problems. Appointments can be booked around your schedule which includes early mornings, afternoons, evenings or late at night. We endeavour to ensure we are on hand to help seven days a week, 365 days a year. Returning members can benefit from short-notice bookings.

Computer Palm was conceived on the idea of bringing trustworthy computer and technology support to homes and small businesses. We saw that many of the existing solutions were expensive and followed biased recommendation and solution practises which allowed the representatives to earn commission upon work generated. We felt there was an imbalance in how well individuals and small businesses harnessed technology and founded a small social-enterprise to help tip the scale.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of IT support for home sand small business, whilst providing work experience and training opportunities for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and experts. We aim to build our company around sustainable employment for young engineers and computer scientists who need exposure to the industry and a helping hand to kickstart their careers.

How It Works

Our Ethos

  • Generous loyalty and returning customer discounts
  • Meet and exceed your expectations every time
  • Honest and reliable advice. If we can’t help you, we’ll let you know right away and suggest a recommendation
  • Provide a professional and personal service with a dedicated support team and expert
  • Super-competitive prices for our business customers
  • Flexible around your needs, emergencies and schedule
  • A choice of payment methods with 30 day grace period
  • Create and maintain a sustainable development of the next-generation of technology enthusiasts through specialised and targeted support, teaching and training

Social Enterprise

Computer Palm is built around a social mission: to make technology more accessible to households and small businesses. In order to achieve this, we want to employ talented individuals who need flexible employment to gain experience to the industry.

Our experts give individuals and small-businesses one-to-one support, troubleshooting and training in the comfort of their homes and offices. All our experts are trained and committed to transforming something which can be itimidating into an enjoyable, relaxed and rewarding challenge. Friendly, honest and easy-to-use; Computer Palm helps all generations, backgrounds and needs to embrace new technologies and stay ssafely connected to the world around them.

Private Customers

Throughout 2015, we surveyed our private customers to ask how they felt our support had helped them. The majority of our private customers were aged 50 and over.

TEST private cust demo

We asked them how they felt about their utilisations of technology:

97% felt that using computers and the internet could directly benefit their day-to-day lives

68% said their opinion of computers and the internet had improved since receiving our support

72% felt they could use a computer to manage daily tasks

54% attributed this confidence to the support they received from Computer Palm

84% knew friends or family that could also benefit from Computer Palm’s service

In 2015 81% of new private customers returned to Computer Palm for at least one additional appointment, booking or service.

Read testimonials from some of our satisfied customers here.


Most small businesses we work with cannot afford, or do not need, an in house IT team.

Our small-bussiness customers say they like our service because it’s flexible, affordable, honest and hassle-free. Our experts are available for onsite appointments and remote troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even at short notice.

Small-bussiness customers appreicate our flexible payments plans and conditions and are very positive about the range of services we offer. Many small-bussiness hire us to deal with their entire IT and technology infrastrcuture resulting in a virtual, in-house IT team.

Social Contracts

We love to work with local councils and government to give back to the local community. We understand how important it is for every community to understand and make the most of technology. We believe that with every community making the most of the growth of technology has  a direct impact with the growth of local economies.

We work with local council and government to provide contracts to schools, housing groups and charities to give them the support in technology needed.

Our Experts

At Computer Palm our team consists of highly qualified computer technicians, graphic designers and web designers.

We are all experts in our field and have a vast amount of experience in what we do!


We take pride in our work and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our service. That’s why we follow up all of our services with a testimonial and feedback request.

We understand that sometimes technology can be scary and daunting – and that sometimes our solutions the first time round may not work best for you. For that reason, we openly publish critical reviews of our work because they represent our battle scars – our steep learning curve.

What Makes Us Different

Appointment scheduling around your availability!

Our experts work around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you need us within the hour or want to schedule a late-night appointment after work, we are here to help!

Affordable pricing!

Members get super competitive hourly rates matched against the industry standard with regular discounts, too! Non-members can benefit from a fixed-rate hourly fee so everybody is happy! Plus, did we tell you that membership is only as little as £2 a month! Call us for more details.

Any device, every time!

Our experts are comfortable with both Windows and Mac, smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart-TVs and anything else you can throw at us!

Super flexible!

We don’t follow any restrictive rules. We just want to help you! Worried about buying a new Mac? We’ll happily accompany you to the store and hold your hand whilst you make your purchase. Our experts will ensure you know exactly what you are paying for and get the best deal.

Cash, card or debit

Pay now, pay later, pay whenever! We accept many payment methods including cash, card, direct debit and bank transfer. All appointments are followed up with a full invoice and receipt for your records.

Computer problems?

Can’t connect to the internet? Printer malfunction? Need advice on buying a new machine? Talk to us, we are here to help!


On limited income? Have special requirements, ex-military or a senior member of the community? Show us proof and get a generous discount.
Find out more.

Industry trained experts

All our experts are trained by leading tech companies including Apple, Microsoft and Sony; so you can expect to get professional and sound advice.
See our team.

A personal service

Prefer to talk over coffee? Book an expert to meet you at your local Costa! We’re not an agency either, so if you need a repeat appointment – we’ll send the same expert to save you from re-explaining everything!